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Apr 19 2007

Murdered Nanny, beaten, handcuffed also Sexually Assaulted in Sweden

Nanny Murdered, beaten, handcuffed and killed found to have been sexually assaulted

The 24-yearold who is suspected for the murder out in LÃ¥ngedrag was a year ago suspected of rape. The victim then was his girlfriend.

Jelena Ivanisevic, the murdered girl, had also been sexually assaulted before she died. This among other things lead the police to the 24-yearold.

A year ago the man was questioned by the police, suspected of having raped his girlfriend at her apartment. The prosecutor chose to drop the case, since there wasn’t enough evidence, and the girlfriend didn’t want to take matters further either.

Jelena was partially dressed when she was found dead, laying on the bathroom floor with her hands handcuffed behind her back.

The police are not telling how the suspect and Jelena got in contact with eachother, they are still investigating the man and his relation to the victim.

Th police are also being very quiet about the was Jelena was murdered. They do say that it is similar to what occurred in the rape case the man was a suspect in a year ago.

The man has denied having anything at all to do with the murder during the police interrogations.

Jelena Ivanisevic’s family back in Croatia, her father and brother, have been notified that a suspect has been arrested.

The circumstances around this case has created a big interest, and is putting pressure on the police.

The Gotheburg area police have had a lot of work lately, because not only have they managed to arrest the 24-yearold for Jelena’s murder, an 18 yearold was murdered out in GÃ¥rdsten not too long ago, they have two people arrested for that murder, and the kidnapping of the man out in Torslanda, there are two men arrested for that incident as well.

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