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Apr 19 2007

Swedish Migration board “mistake” – Allowed hundreds to remain in the Country

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Hundreds of Kurds now find themselves in an administrative mess, after the Migration board out in KÃ¥llered wrongfully signed in people with temporary residency permits.

One Kurdish man told the newspaper that he after his request for asylum was rejected got a temporary residency permit last year. The permit was no longer valid on the 23rd of January this year, so he formally has no right to still be in Sweden. However, the Migration board hasn’t known how the Kurds with temporary residency permits should be handled. At an appointment on April 2nd at the Migration board, the man got a new card, valid until June. At the same time he, as one of 140 people, was yet again signed in at the Migration board.

Now the Migration board has been told that they have made a mistake – people with expired temporary permits should NOT be signed in anew.

The boss at the Migration board says they are no longer signing anybody in again, but the ones that got signed in by mistake are allowed to continue to be so.

According to the Kurdish man, he was told in April that it was OK for him to continue to study or work. This was also a mistake made by the Migration board !

This became all too clear to him last week, when his employer got a phone call from a handler at the Migration board, telling him that the Kurdish man no longer had a residency permit and therefor didn’t have a working permit either. From one day to the next the man was forced to quit his job. He was just about to go from being an intern to a steady employee.

Right now the man is living on welfare money, he gets money for food and has so far managed to pay his rent and other bills with borrowed money.

Today there is a demonstration held outside the Migration board in KÃ¥llered as a support act or the approximately 400 Iraqi Kurds living in the Gothenburg area with expired temporary residency permits.

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