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Dec 23 2006

Intelligent Design

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 Intelligent Design is not pure Science.

Then Again Evolution is just a theory.

Know Your Government

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Government is best when it is done Close to home.

Why is it that the Media blames the Federal Govt. for all issues even when the problems are clearly on a state level?

Simple, The White House is now held by a Republican.

Look at Katrina. All the Studies show that the response by the federal govt. FEMA included to the Katrinal disaster was as fast or faster then each and every disaster managed by the Clintons.

What is the difference?

Why did the Media Lie about 40,000 body bags? Why did they lie about the National Gaurd?

Why do they not talk about the Democrat with all the bribe money in the Freezer in N.o. and had to have a National Guard escort to retrieve it?


Dec 18 2006


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Dec 11 2006

Energy & Gas Prices

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I grew up in the 70’s. I love science and I love the environment. I hate groups like green pace.

Pollution is bad.

Deception of the public with regards to science is unforgivable(almost), I suffer fools gracefully.

The White House does not control the price of OIL. If you have doubts look at the price of oil in different countries. If you believe the price of gas is effected by the President of the United States, George Bush should get a Nobel Prize and should be made a Saint by the Cardinals in Rome. I will do a page on Oil speculation when I finish the basics of this web site.

Environmental groups like Green Peace distort the truth. They would have you believe that wood does not grow on TREES. A tree is a crop. There are more trees in the USA then before the first European Colonists landed!!!

This is a fact.

I myself own a bit of Vermont. I plan on selling my property there in the fall as I have been forced to live in Sweden by an illogical wife… On my property, Looking up at the mountain, I have trees, Beautiful Trees. In building a stone reinforcement wall I had to way the pros and the cons of removing trees. I even had the Lumber Jack that delivers log loads of fire wood tell me he would purchase several of my trees from me for the lumber mill. While I could really use the money, I love my trees. They are tall straight and mighty. I love them. I do burn fire wood and I have no problem with that. I love fire and I like the warmth on the skin, the sound of the crackle of the fire and I love to see wood rain on furniture and building detail. I really love the environment.

It annoys me to no end that these groups like Green Peace twist the Truth and self serving politicians give them credibility.

Oil and Gas keeps you warm. Shipping it from the middle east hurts the USA.

We have the resources here but the Liberals only want to ship tap water from France in plastic bottles made from oil products here at costs per gallon that shock the mind.

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